[gst-devel] Simulating a video camera with a file

katarina.balac at usi.ch katarina.balac at usi.ch
Wed Feb 10 18:35:36 CET 2010

Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, this returns the error
ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0/GstTypeFindElement:typefind: Could not determine type of stream
Is there anything else I can try?


> Hello,
> I am trying to read raw video data from a file and then encode it using
> theora encoder. I would like to use standard test videos such as these:
> http://media.xiph.org/video/derf/  (uncompressed YUV4MPEG, says it is the
> format accepted by the Theora encoder tools)
> http://trace.eas.asu.edu/yuv/
> I have tried with a pipeline like this: filesrc | ffmpegcolorspace |
> theoraenc | oggmux | filesink and the videos from the links above but I am
> getting the Error: not negotiated.
filesrc ! decodebin | ffmpegcolorspace | theoraenc | oggmux | filesink

decodebin is an element to "Autoplug and decode to raw media"


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