[gst-devel] Enumering capture devices?

Julien Isorce julien.isorce at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 10:41:29 CET 2010


Something like that:

#include <gst/interfaces/propertyprobe.h>

GstElement* videodevicesrc = create_element("dshowvideosrc", NULL);
GstPropertyProbe* probe = GST_PROPERTY_PROBE (videodevicesrc);
GValueArray* va = gst_property_probe_get_values_name (probe, "device-name");
for(guint i=0; i < va->n_values; ++i) {
    GValue* v = g_value_array_get_nth(va, i);
    g_print ("one more device: %s\n", g_value_get_string(v));
gst_element_set_state (videodevicesrc, GST_STATE_NULL);
gst_object_unref(GST_OBJECT (videodevicesrc));

2010/2/10 Francis Rammeloo <francis.rammeloo at gmail.com>

> I am using the directshowsrc for capturing a camera source. If there
> is only one camera it works out of the box without requiring me to
> specify a device-name. However when multiple cameras are connected
> then I need some way of enumerating the device names. Does GStreamer
> provide such a mechanism (similar to DirectShow's System Device
> Enumerator)?
> Grts,
> Francis
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