[gst-devel] rant...

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Fri Feb 12 10:37:08 CET 2010

On Thu, 2010-02-11 at 16:03 -0800, S Boucher wrote:

> The manual entry for gst_event_new_new_segment() says of the 'update'
> argument "is this segment an update to a previous one".  (...)
>  (...)
> gst_event_new_flush_start()/gst_event_new_flush_stop(). The documentation
> seems straight forward enough, except its not clear whether there are
> counter indications, or situations when this should or should not be
> used.  You just try to use it, and if it seems to work, then (...)

The API reference is not (meant to be) comprehensive. It is not quite
clear from your mail and your previous mail if you have seen the design
docs at


If there are specific things that you think are not explained, badly
explained or could use some more detail, please file a bug for each
issue so we can improve the docs.

If no one has answered to your mail after some time, a quick follow-up
message is likely to be more effective than a "rant".

The #gstreamer IRC channel is also a good place to get help.


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