[gst-devel] GStreamer lip sync issues with Wowza.

Martin martin.secundario at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 18 17:05:55 CET 2010

Hi guys,

I'm using the following pipeline for send a stream to the media server 

gst-launch-0.10 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! "video/x-raw-yuv, 
format=(fourcc)YUY2, width=(int)640, height=(int)480, 
framerate=(fraction)30/1" ! queue ! videorate ! "video/x-raw-yuv, 
format=(fourcc)YUY2, width=(int)640, height=(int)480, 
framerate=(fraction)25/1" ! queue ! ffmpegcolorspace ! "video/x-raw-yuv, 
format=(fourcc)I420, framerate=(fraction)25/1, width=(int)640, 
height=(int)480" ! queue ! x264enc bitrate=500 ! queue ! rtph264pay ! 
queue ! udpsink host= port=8000 sync=true alsasrc ! 
"audio/x-raw-int, endianness=(int)1234, signed=(boolean)true, 
width=(int)16, depth=(int)16, rate=(int)48000, channels=(int)2" ! queue 
! faac ! queue ! rtpmp4gpay ! udpsink host= port=8002 sync=true

I'm not exactly sure about the problem but the final stream (after going 
thought Wowza) have a lip sync delay of about half a second.

I don't know if a problem on my pipeline or is a Wowza problem. Do you 
know if there is any kind of incompatibility between GStreamer and Wowza?

Thank you in advance.

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