[gst-devel] Receive RTCP packets at sender side

Qin Chen eric.qin.chen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 05:26:59 CET 2010


I am trying sending real-time video from sender to receiver. I would also
like to send RTCP packets between sender and receiver. I am using the
example scripts in gst-plugins-good, which look like

* sender
gst-launch -v gstrtpbin name=rtpbin v4l2src !
video/x-raw-yuv,width=352,height=288,framerate=15/1 ! timeoverlay !
ffenc_h263p ! rtph263ppay ! rtpbin.send_rtp_sink_0 rtpbin.send_rtp_src_0 !
udpsink port=5000 host= ts-offset=0 name=vrtpsink
rtpbin.send_rtcp_src_0 ! udpsink port=5001 host= sync=false
async=false name=vrtcpsink udpsrc port=5007 name=vrtcpsrc !

* receiver
gst-launch -v gstrtpbin name=rtpbin latency=100 udpsrc
port=5000 ! rtpbin.recv_rtp_sink_0  rtpbin. ! rtph263pdepay ! ffdec_h263 !
ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink  udpsrc port=5001 ! rtpbin.recv_rtcp_sink_0
rtpbin.send_rtcp_src_0 ! udpsink host= port=5007 sync=false

>From the output, it looks to me that receiver got RTCP packets from sender.
But sender didn't get any RTCP packets from receiver (even no GstUDPSrc was
created). Anyone knows what's wrong here? Thanks in advance!


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