[gst-devel] Gstreamer gst-plugins-gl help needed

dime at dimebar.f2s.com dime at dimebar.f2s.com
Fri Feb 19 18:17:28 CET 2010

pipeline: appsrc ! decodebin2 name=d ! glupload ! fakesink sync=1 d. ! 

Hi there,

I am hoping someone can help with this question.  I have taken the 
example from gst-plugins-gl\tests\examples\sdl and have this working for 
a single video.

I can not find a way of making the my test program load in more than the 
first video.

If I set the pipeline to be GST_STATE_NULL or GST_STATE_READY the debug 
log show:
send quit gl window loop... Context destroyed.. etc....
(this does not sound right ?)

As a result of this the texture context ids created by glupload fall out 
of sync with my opengl environment texture ids and I do not know how to 
get them back into sync.

Any help would be great in this matter.  Please do let me know if you 
need any more code or logging



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