[gst-devel] Duration is not saved in matroska with mjpeg live source

Speedy Gonzales selazer at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 15:00:11 CET 2010


I'm trying to save mjpeg stream from Axis camera to a file using
matroska container. I use the following pipeline:

gst-launch-0.10.exe -e souphttpsrc
do-timestamp=true ! multipartdemux ! "image/jpeg,width=320,height=240"
! matroskamux ! filesink location="x:\data.mkv"

The resulting file plays correctly, but it looks like it is incomplete
and mkvinfo reports that segment has duration=0. I can only seek using
GST_FORMAT_TIME and can't query duration.

mkvinfo dump:

As far as I know, this issue should have been fixed:

The parameter -e should force EOS on CTRL-C and matroskamux should
write duration based on difference between timestamps of last and
first frame. For some reason it doesn't work.

I spend many hours on this and would appreciate any help.

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