[gst-devel] lip sync issues with Wowza.

Vincent Génieux vincent.genieux at enensys.com
Tue Feb 23 10:48:19 CET 2010

Martin wrote:
> Hi,
> I wrote the other day a message to the list but I don't know how to 
> reply again over the same thread.
> My problem was related to lip sync issues between Gstreamer and the 
> Wowza server.
> Someone commented that the problem could be on the sdp file and the 
> audio rate. I've checked it and seems to be fine.
> There are two things that worry me:
> 1 - The lip sync issues could be related to the fact I'm not using RTCP?
> 2 - Could be the problem related with the async and sync options used on 
> the pipeline sinks? Btw, could anyone explain me what are these options for?
> Thank you.

Your right for the (1). If there is no RTCP packet, RTP streams cannot
be synchronized by your client.

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