[gst-devel] YUV420p buffer plane alignmentg.

Thibault Jochem thibault.jochem at amundis.fr
Wed Feb 24 11:54:58 CET 2010


I'm working with an YUV buffer taken from a fake sink, and I have some 
troubles to find the right data alignment.

For "standard" resolution, it's ok, but with Big Buck Bunny 480p for 
example, which is 854x480 there is some kind of alignment :

I figured out that for U and V buffer, each row is aligned to 
even-numbered bytes (as buffers are 427x240).

But I'm still missing something, as my total buffer size is 616320b 
(reported by gstreamer), whereas my datas + alignment weight 615360b 
..... so I'm still missing 960b

I also noticed that by U and V buffer are "offsetted" .... so I guess 
that there is some padding between buffers ... but I'd like to know 
exactly what's going on.

Kind regards,
Thibault Jochem

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