[gst-devel] Conditional linking of audiosink element in pipeline

Babineau, Denis Denis.Babineau at GTECH.COM
Wed Feb 24 13:34:50 CET 2010



I'm building the following pipeline with the decodebin element (I'm not
using playbin because the src may change):


filesrc -> decodebin <sig> videosink <sig> audiosink


Where videosink and audiosink are connected via the pad-added signal of
decodebin. Videosink and audiosink are bins containing the following
elements respectively:


ffmpegcolorspace -> customvideosink


queue -> audioconvert -> customaudiosink



I add all the elements to the pipeline, then link (except what gets
linked by signals), then I set the state to playing. This works when I
play a video with audio, but if the video doesn't contain an audio
stream, it seems that the pipeline stalls, if I don't add the audiosink
elements to the pipeline it works. I'm assuming I have to somehow add
the audiosink elements to the pipeline on the fly? What is the proper
way of doing this? It seems I can't just add the elements on the fly in
the signal handler while the state is playing?




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