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Fri Jul 2 13:37:22 CEST 2010

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 9:07 AM, Overkill <overkill.shining at tiscali.it>wrote:

> I made an .avi file wit my system then I extract the
> media inside of it and made two .mov, one with
> qtmux and one with ffmux_mov.
> This is for have the same media content and only
> the containter different.

What pipeline is used?

> You may find the two files here:
> http://ivanonline.xoom.it/RB_06280941_ff.mov
> http://ivanonline.xoom.it/RB_06280941_qt.mov
> You may wget them :)
> The one produced with ffmux is perfect.
> The file with qtmux is not playable with QuickTime
> and VLC is able to play it.
> I try a binary compare but the differencies seems
> too much for me.... Also using qtdump can't
> tells me more. I'm not an expert.

Taking a look at qtdump + hexdump I can see that the 2 files have different
'avcC' atoms (among other smaller differences). This makes me wonder why,
maybe we can figure out from your pipelines.

> I'd like to use qtmux because the feature to
> recover an .mov if the file is unfinished.
> I've tried this and the file is working under VLC.
> But if the file produced by qtmux is not playble
> in QuickTime, so by now I can't use it...
> I need help in order to understand what's wrong
> and try to fix it.
> Thank you!!!
> Overkill!!!
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