[gst-devel] How to save an ogv stream in a file

Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery carlos.ellery at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 20:55:46 CEST 2010

Ok Ben,

I'm getting partial success using 'souphttpsrc' with the following pipeline:

$ gst-launch-0.10 --eos-on-shutdown souphttpsrc
location=http://localhost:8000/stream.ogv ! oggparse ! filesink

I can save the file and play it on Cortado applet, but the seek is not
working because of wrong information in the headers of the ogv file.
When I run an oggz-validate against the ogv, I get:

$ oggz-validate arquivo.ogv
arquivo.ogv: Error:
serialno 0971371020: missing *** eos
serialno 1055214763: missing *** eos

Against oggz-info returns:

$ oggz-info arquivo.ogv
Content-Duration: 00:27:50.466

Theora: serialno 0971371020
        165 packets in 192 pages, 0.9 packets/page, 2.611% Ogg overhead
        Theora-Version: 3.2.1
        Video-Framerate: 15.000 fps
        Video-Width: 640
        Video-Height: 480

Vorbis: serialno 1055214763
        466 packets in 45 pages, 10.4 packets/page, 3.614% Ogg overhead
        Audio-Samplerate: 22050 Hz
	Audio-Channels: 1

The arquivo.ogv file has only 10 seconds of duration, but the headers
says it has 27 minutes.
I've noted that "27 min" was exactly the duration of the transmission
in the time that the stream was saved.

What element or pipeline would give me the exact duration of the file saved?

Here is a sample of the file saved:


Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery

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