[gst-devel] pulsesrc/pulsesink clocking issues

4ernov 4ernov at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 14:18:09 CEST 2010

I experience some issues when trying to process sound from pulsesrc
and pulsesink elements. The pipeline is quite simple:

pulsesrc device=insert.monitor ! equalizer-nbands ! pulsesink device=output

"insert" device in Pulseaudio is module-null-sink device and "output"
device is module-alsa-sink device. In PA list I was suggested that
this problem could be clocking and synchronizing issue between system
and ALSA clocks. It seems to be right because I got the message

baseaudiosink gstbaseaudiosink.c:1035:gst_base_audio_sink_skew_slaving:<pulsesink0>
correct clock skew 20191929 > 20000000

on every click in sound stream (very much of such messages).

I think it can be solved by setting ALSA clock as master for the whole
pipeline. Is it possible? Is there any way at all to solve such a

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