[gst-devel] GStreamer for massive real-time voice chat

Stefan Schindler stefan at boxbox.org
Sat Jul 10 14:58:46 CEST 2010

> If I understood your requirement you looking for a VOIP (voice over IP)
> solution , that would go through a server ?

That's true. However, not just through a proxy, but also between
multiple clients. It should be possible to:

- switch between "channels",
- listen to multiple channels and
- transmit to multiple channels.

This is -- I at least think so -- not really the responsibility of a
library like GStreamer, but I'm thinking of using GStreamer for the
multimedia part, which means: Capture audio from whatever input device
(microphone for example), do some filtering on it, send it to an
own-written server that also uses GStreamer to maybe apply some other
filters on it or route it to other output streams which are then sent to
the target clients.

The question here is how far can I go with GStreamer? I know that P2P
connections are without a doubt no problem, but does that also count for
client/server architectures with multiple (any maybe really a lot of)

Thanks for your reply so far,
Stefan Schindler.

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