[gst-devel] Call for patch review: Add 'caps' property for playbin

Zhao, Halley halley.zhao at intel.com
Tue Jul 13 04:13:14 CEST 2010

'caps' property are defined for decodebin2/uridecodebin as "The caps on which to stop decoding. (NULL= default)".
But there is no 'caps' property for playbin2 yet, we'd better add it as well to give app the flexibility of controlling decodebin2 for newly introduced raw video caps; 'video/x-raw-va' for example.

I met issues for creating a customized sink for libva: 'video/x-raw-va'; my sink renders video frame as texture in Qt.
When I set playbin2 'video-sink' to my customized sink, decodebin2 doesn't stop auto-plug (expose_pad) when it comes to 'video/x-raw-va' because decodebin2 doesn't think 'video/x-raw-va' is a raw type.
(by the way, the auto-plug stops when playbin2 realize it comes to a sink; however this sink is not my customized sink. because my sink requires many app context (OpenGL etc), it is similar to clutter-gst sink)
I think it is better to add 'caps' property for playbin2 as well, then app could control decodebin2 with flexibility for newly introduced raw caps.

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