[gst-devel] Theora w/ farsight2

Miron Kunz mironoz at mail.ru
Tue Jul 13 22:35:49 CEST 2010


My problem seems to be related to Theora encoder.

With the number of discontinued buffers increasing I am likely to get distorted image on the receiving end:

0:01:55.343750000  4492   00DF2698 DEBUG              theoraenc gsttheoraenc.c:829:theora_enc_is_discontinuous:<theoraen
c4> Incoming TS 0:01:50.345187500 exceeds expected value 0:01:48.955312500 by too much, marking discontinuity

If I increase threshold for late/discontinued buffers - the receiving end shows video w/o artifacts.

I am not sure yet how to interpret the observation because I see discontinued buffers in this pipeline which still produces the fine video:
gst-launch --gst-debug="theoraenc:5" dshowvideosrc!ffmpegcolorspace!theoraenc!theoradec!ffmpegcolorspace!directdrawsink

One more thing - on every discontinued packet, the theora codec is deallocated and reincarnated again by theora_enc_reset(). For performance sake it looks suspicious to me.


> Hi,
> I updated to Farsight2, 0.0.20
> set VER_GST=0.10.29
> set VER_GST_PLUGINS_BASE=0.10.29
> set VER_GST_PLUGINS_GOOD=0.10.22
> But I am still getting distorted video when Theora codec is used.
> Looks like frames between I-frames are not properly decoded.
> Anything I can check?
> Thanks,
> Mironoz
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am using Theora codec w/ farsigh2 (no Telepathy) for video conferencing and I am facing distorted video on the receiving end when using camera with relatively high resolution on the sending end. Low resolution streams are decoded alright by the receiver. I ran receiver/sender on the same host so the bandwidth should not be a problem. CPU consumption was low too. 
> > The artifacts in the video I see most often are small squares(up to 16x16 or so pixels) with 2 white and 1 black stripes in it.
> > 
> > Here is versions of the gstreamer/farsight2 I am using:
> > 
> > set VER_GST=0.10.25
> > set VER_GST_PLUGINS_GL=0.10.1
> > set VER_GST_PLUGINS_BASE=0.10.25
> > set VER_GST_PLUGINS_GOOD=0.10.17
> > set VER_GST_PLUGINS_UGLY=0.10.13
> > set VER_GST_PLUGINS_BAD=0.10.17 
> > Farsight2 0.0.16
> > 
> > I read on this list about incompatibilities between certain versions of the Fs and gstreamer. I wonder if I am running in it here or it is something else.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Miron
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