[gst-devel] ts video pipe

th.tom at gmx.de th.tom at gmx.de
Wed Jul 14 18:23:43 CEST 2010

> Your file then is not a real transport stream, it has pes packets for
> the video but no pat or pmt.

Right, it is only the video stream. However, the pes transported within the ts packets carry all information for configuring the decoder correctly, as far as I know. So what is left to do is to demux the stream (here: get rid of the ts packaging) and feed it to the decoder, I guess. 

> try gst-launch filesrc ! mpegtsdemux es-pids=0x1111 ! mpeg2dec !
> xvimagesink

Same output as before :-(

I may be able to add the PMT and PAT, but they carry more information (Information for all 4 programs in the bouquet), which are not included into the stream. It would be best for me, if I do not have to reconfigure the pipe for every stream with different PID information, as this makes the call of the stream kind of cumbersome.

I do not believe I will be able to rearrange the PAT/PMT information :-/. Actually the audio is not integrated as I would love to see a picture in first place.


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