[gst-devel] AAC Packatizer plugin "rtpmp4gpay" not working with AAC data with ADTS header

amitpandya at itimes.com amitpandya at itimes.com
Fri Jul 16 15:20:11 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I am working with the AAC audio streaming application.
In my pipeline the encoded AAC frames have the ADTS header-format,which i need to packetize and stream.I am using "rtpmp4gpay" packatizer plugin which is compliance with RFC(3640).
problem is "rtpmp4gpay" works only with stream-format "raw", as plugin has sink pad Caps,
        SINK template: 'sink'
        Availability: Always
                      mpegversion: 4
                      stream-format: raw

So,its not able to process the AAC data having ADTS header.
Though,I am able to stream the AAC data of stream-format raw successfully over the n/w. 
Can anyone tell if only AAC raw data works with the "rtpmp4gpay" packatizer plugin ?
their is a way to packetize AAC data of ADTS header using the "rtpmp4gpay".And if yes can anyone suggest what king of changes i need to make in "rtpmp4gpay" plugin to make it happen?   

anyone has done such modification or experimented on this direction?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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