[gst-devel] I can't mux the h.264 stream to the file.

刘兴民 xflxmin17 at 163.com
Sun Jul 18 03:11:06 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,
I have the bellow pipeline, it can work well in the command-line. But when I realize it in my program with c, it can't work. I don't know why??? It troubled me for a long time.  
                      .____________                                              |-->queue->ffdec_h264->videoscale->xvimagesink
udpsrc->queue-> |                  | ->queue -> rtph264depay -> tee->|
                      |  gstrtpbin     |                                             |-->queue->"video/x-h264,width=(int)640,heigth=(int)480,framerate=(fraction)25/1"->queue->matraskamux->filesink location="t.mkv"
udpsrc->queue-> |____________|->queue->udpsink

If I do not add the recording branch, just showing the video, it can work well in my program. But, if I add the recording branch, it does not work. It shows single one frame, and it stopped, it give me a static picture. At the same time, t.mkv has none of the data. I guess the problem must in the recording branch as I removed it in the program which can work well.
What's wrong in my pipeline? Or may be  is my program ? 

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