[gst-devel] H.264 streaming: choppy video + timestamp warnings

Parisot, Adam Adam.Parisot at barco.com
Wed Jul 21 14:45:02 CEST 2010

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>> Video starts skipping badly shortly after initiating playback and I 
>> see these warnings from GStreamer:
> Can you provice the exact setup of the streaming side too so that we 
> can try to reproduce it on our end on Thursday (a day off tomorrow).

Sure, when testing UDP w/MPEG-TS, I use VLC 1.1.0 as the sender with the
following command line:

  cvlc -v -L <file_to_stream>
--sout=#std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=<destination_ip>:8200} --no-sout-audio

With RTP, I'm using a version of the Gstreamer RTP example from
es/rtp/server-v4l2-H264-alsasrc-PCMA.sh, which I modified to use a
filesrc instead of a v4lsrc (see attached).  The script can be invoked
with the following syntax:

  ./server-file-H264.sh <file_to_stream> <destination_ip>

> We have a small pipeline that streams an mkv with 720p over the 
> network and decode it on the other side; I can't say that I have 
> noticed much problems.

Can you share this pipeline?  I'd like to try it on my end.


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