[gst-devel] NAT issue

Andrey Nechypurenko andreynech at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 28 08:49:42 CEST 2010


>               I have written a streaming sever and client application
> using udpsrc and udpsink plugins respectively , where the server streams
> the data to the client over a perticular port.  this works perfectly
> when both server and client are in the same LAN. But when the server and
> client are in a different LAN, with a server having a global ip and
> client with a local LAN ip i need to unblock the ports at the router for
> the streaming application to work. Is there a method which i can use, so
> that client works without unblocking the ports on the router?

This was one of the reasons why we decide to use ZeroC's Ice
middleware with appsrc/sink for our streaming purposes. They have
pretty powerful solution for firewall related problems -

We will provide more details in our presentation at GStreamer conference.


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