[gst-devel] Bitrate of a media file

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> Hi,
> Carlo 1-9-8-7 xxx wrote:
> > 
> > Well, the question is, gstreamer has got the query_position for the
> > position in seconds, is there any function that returns the position in
> > bytes?
> > 
> You can try "gst_element_query_position" with the second argument as

Thanks for the answer,
that's what I thought, but gst_element_query_position with GST_FORMAT_BYTES returns incorrect values. In particular I think that these values are in some way related with the duration in seconds... in fact, for example, for 2 different files (with different bitrates) if I call "gst_element_query_position" with GST_FORMAT_BYTES at the same time (eg. after 10 seconds from the start of playing), I get the same values for both the files... any other ideas? :)
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