[gst-devel] playbin2 properties

pl bossart bossart.nospam at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 19:59:21 CEST 2010

>> Is there a trick to set those properties on the sink without changing
>> the code?
> You can use gst_child_proxy_set(), or just read the audio_sink property
> and do g_object_set() there.

I understand that there's support to get/set the properties of a
child, but what I really wanted is to have the child properties show
as part of the ntaive ones supported by playbin2. For example
gst-inspect playbin2 would return audiosink::buffer-latency, and
likewise gst-launch playbin2 uri=<> audiosink::buffer-latency=100000
would set the audio sink property.

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