[gst-devel] Videomixing two/multiple webcams side by side

Luciana Fujii Pontello luciana at holoscopio.com
Tue Jun 8 01:00:09 CEST 2010

On Tue, 2010-05-25 at 13:01 -0700, scottmil wrote:
> I would LOVE to see it.  Is it posted somewhere it can be downloaded?
> Scott

I only received your e-mail today, so I don't know if this will still be

The module I use to mix 2 pipelines in a picture-in-picture is in here:
http://git.holoscopio.com/?p=sltv.git;a=blob;f=sltv/videomixer.py;hb=HEAD. It does others crazy things (I use it as if it was the input-selector also), but it should not be a problem if you don't link more stuff to it. Actually, I think if you go back in time you can get a simpler version like this: http://git.holoscopio.com/?p=sltv.git;a=blob;f=sltv/videomixer.py;h=91e8d0bdd59d1a0c1a3718cbc29ebe5018f16b33;hb=2cabc48c982650dd0d3f69499374fa2e46a11e31

I have a small test case in http://holoscopio.com/~fujii/testpip.py that
is a good example and you can check the project repository to see how we
use it for real.


Luciana Fujii
Holoscópio Tecnologia - http://holoscopio.com

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