[gst-devel] Query on network interface going down while streaming...

Ron McOuat rmcouat at smartt.com
Wed Jun 9 11:37:51 CEST 2010

On 10-06-08 10:23 PM, Rajesh Marathe wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Gstreamer Core and Base versions 0.10.28 and good version
> 0.10.21. We have a streaming application that streams media files on to
> an embedded device over Ethernet from a remote Apache media streaming
> server.
> My pipeline is something like this:
> ------------------------------------
> gst-launch souphttpsrc location=... ! queue ! avidemux name=ss ss. !
> queue ! mfw_vpudecoder ! V4Lsink ss. ! queue ! mad ! alsasink
> My questions are as under:
> 1. When I pull out the Ethernet interface, the streaming stops and the
> display freezes. But, I do not get to see any GST-MESSAGES sent from the
> core to my application. Please note that my application is printing all
> the gst BUS messages and I expected to see some message notification
> when the streaming stops due to cable pull-out.
> Is GStremer not notified when the interface on which the media is being
> streamed goes down ? If it is notified, how do I get that message to my
> application ?
> 2. Other question I had was on the usage of Apache server for HTTP
> streaming ? Is this server good enough to stream media to around 40
> clients seamlessly over Etherent ?? If not, which is the recommended
> Streaming server to use ?
> regards,
> Rajesh Marathe.
souphttpsrc has a timeout property use timeout=10 after location='....' 
to set a 10 second timeout for example. The default is 0 which is no 
timeout in terms of a blocking I/O timer. The TCP timer will eventually 
pop and should return a read error but that is a relatively long time - 


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