[gst-devel] GStreamer MP4 to Matroska

MTy mty_empty at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 13:41:24 CEST 2010

Hi im quite new to GStreamer and have a few questions.

I'm using the java-wrapper for GStreamer in order to transcode different
media streams in to a Matroska video stream. The main goal that I'm trying
to achieve is live on the fly transcoding, i.e.

As soon as you write video data on the inputstream GStreamer will transcode
it and put it on the outputstream as Matroska video data. I have gotten it
to somewhat work with "AVI to Matroska" in this manner, here is the code
that i used:

String def = "decodebin name=DecodeBin ! ffenc_mpeg4 ! ffmux_matroska
Pipeline pipe = Pipeline.launch(def);
InputStreamSrc streamSrc = new InputStreamSrc(inStream, "Input Stream");
OutputStreamSink streamSink = new OutputStreamSink(outStream, "Output
pipe.addMany(streamSrc, streamSink);

With this code I can write AVI data to the inputstream and then GStreamer
will start writing Matroska data to the outputstream in the same phase as
the video normally plays. HOWEVER when I send MP4 data to the inputstream
GStreamer won't start writing Matroska data to the outputstream until the
end of the MP4 data has been written. Why is this? Is there a workaround to
get the same data flow with MP4?

Thanks alot / Rikard
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