[gst-devel] Trouble with basic RTP raw video pipelines

Ward, David - 0663 - MITLL david.ward at ll.mit.edu
Mon Jun 14 02:48:41 CEST 2010

I solved my own problem, although I'd classify this as a bug?

udpsink port=5000
    => uses IPv6

udpsrc port=5000
    => uses IPv4

Apparently "localhost" (the default value for the "host" parameter of 
udpsink) maps to both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses in Fedora 13.  It is also 
this way under Ubuntu 10.04.  So could the default value of "host" for 
udpsrc be changed to "", or the default value of 
"multicast-group" be changed to "::0", just so that the same address 
family is used for both udpsink and udpsrc by default?

Or at least mention this in the documentation?


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