[gst-devel] Mixing streams

Andres Gonzalez acandido at hi-iberia.es
Mon Jun 14 16:14:16 CEST 2010

Hello everybody,

I am learning gstreamer.  My goal is making a simple video mixer 
application, that will allow the user  to select between several input 
streams (coming from FireWire, Webcam, local file, ...) on real time. 
The key feature is that there is a continuous output video stream, just 
like it had been generated with a video editor previously.

As I am a newbie with gstreamer, as a training, first I am trying the 
same with audio streams, extending the "helloworld.c" given in gstreamer 
documentation. The very first step is a small program that concatenates 
two ogg files, but it fails because the second stream is not written. (I 
attach the source file). Also, if I try to switch the streams when  the 
first song is not over (other variation of the program), I get a 
run-time "data stream internal error".
What I am doing wrong?

Thanks for any help,


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