[gst-devel] Timestamp question

Rad E. rad_e at rocketmail.com
Mon Jun 14 21:57:19 CEST 2010



I'm running a pipeline fed by rtspsrc.  The pipeline incorporates a GstTee/queues.


Something like:

rtspsrc -> ... -> tee -> queue -> element
-> sink

-> queue -> element -> sink


The rtspsrc documention suggests that it is a live

"rtspsrc acts like a live source and will therefore
only generate data in the PLAYING state."


An element downstream of the rtspsrc/tee/queue is
receiving frames in the PAUSED state, immediately before the element is set to
the PLAYING state.  Is this normal, or is
something incorrect with my pipeline that I should investigate further?


Receiving the frames in the PAUSED state presents a
problem.  I would like to convert each
buffer's pipeline timestamp to a system timestamp.  So for instance if the frame was timestamped
0.25 seconds ago by rtspsrc, I'd like to generate a wall clock/system time of
current time - 0.25 seconds.  We achieved
this using the element base src time, but that time isn't available in PAUSED


I received a recommendation from IRC to use
gst_element_query_position, but looking at the docs its not clear to me how to
use that to make this work.  Does anyone
have ideas, either a way to work around the frames arriving in PAUSED, or a
different way to calculate time?


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