[gst-devel] Info on webcam parameters detected by gstreamer

Nicolas Bertrand nico at inattendu.org
Tue Jun 15 08:14:54 CEST 2010

I'm trying to understand the parameters, given by gstreamer , for webcam
( as mimetypes, definition, colorspace, etc ...)
I want to develop an app. to control those parameters, and allow user to
change it ( goal : best image quality, aspect ratio, CPU consumption,

Those parameters  types change according webcam manufacturers. So how
gstreamer deals with that ?  Is retrieved from the webcam , but
according which protocol ?  Is there a standard  specification ? This is
done by gstreamer or v4l ?
I look for some 'hints', doc  or what portion of code to understand how
communication  and paramters exchange with webcam works.

Thanks in advance


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