[gst-devel] seeking over rtp

Kocsis Tibor ikt011 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 12:09:20 CEST 2010


can somebody explain me what's exactly happening when i'm doing a seek
command on a pipeline with an rtspsrc? In what way goes the seekevent
trough the network? (And it's properties like rate, start, stop?)

 I'm working on a simple rtsp server, and have some troubles with
seeking. My application is working like this:

- call the seek command on client's pipeline
- the rtspsrc sends a PAUSE rtsp request
- the rtspsrc send a PLAY rtsp request with ntp header from when i
wan't to play (it should be absolute or relative, depeding on what?)
- the server processes the PLAY request and does the seek somehow (if
the server side works with gstreamer, too, what is the correct way to
do this? parse the ntp header and call the seek command?)
- the server sends an OK response with ntp header, but what is the
correct value for this header?

Thanks in advance,

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