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jtous.ext at orange-ftgroup.com jtous.ext at orange-ftgroup.com
Thu Jun 17 13:09:49 CEST 2010

Hi all !

I'm currently experimenting with aquosa (http://aquosa.sourceforge.net/)
on a beagleboard (http://beagleboard.org/) . A nasty bug in the Aquosa
wrappers prevent me from using multithreaded application.

However i'd like to take advantage of the DSP capabilites of the board.
I found Felipe Contreras gst-dsp (http://github.com/felipec/gst-dsp)
very handy.

Is there anyway to run a gstreamer pipeline without multithreading ?
I don't care about audio. I just need something like :

filesrc ! demuxer ! decoder ! videosink

I'll hopefully get ride of this bug in future, but still would like to
do early experiments before.


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