[gst-devel] Dynamically changing filesink output files

Ron McOuat rmcouat at smartt.com
Wed Jun 23 18:38:22 CEST 2010

On 10-06-23 12:39 AM, Stefan Kost wrote:
> On 22.06.2010 16:56, Wes Miller wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I just read with interest the discussion of how to dynamically connect to a
>> Tee element.  This makes me curious if it is possible to dynamically change
>> the output file for a filesink element.
>> I  tried setting the pipeline to NULL (don't think I tried Paused) then
>> setting the location property.  Didn't seem to work, however.
> It is an FAQ, set filesink to READY, change location, set back to PLAYING.
> Stefan
I had to set the filesink element to NULL in order to change the 
location property in work I am doing, the file is opened on the NULL to 
READY transition and closed during READY to NULL. If you put a queue 
after the tee then block the queue src pad you should be able to pull 
the filesink down to NULL flip the file and put it back to PLAY before 
the queue fills up. The timestamps on the stream will march on including 
any previous play time so you need to also take care of that. I suspect 
when you tried the NULL setting on the pipeline you didn't wait long 
enough for the transition to complete - you need to read the status of 
the pipeline after the change state request.

>> Many thanks,
>> Wes
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