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declan harrison harrison.declan at googlemail.com
Wed May 5 20:00:23 CEST 2010

> Yes, GStreamer is capable of on-the-fly encoding - but GStreamer
> doesn't include an HTTP server to actually stream it to a client.
> There are some third-party applications that do that, or you could
> write your own.
 So my app will be a HTTP Proxy; that will encode all the video content
 on-the-fly as a HTTP stream.  Transparent to the client.

> > Do I need to provide a plugin to use ffmpeg with gstreamer or does it
> have
> > support for that out of the box?
> There's a gst-ffmpeg plugin. It's not part of gstreamer core - the
> core doesn't include most plugins; they're provided in separate
> packages.

I can grab these plugins from the gstreamer dowloads site
http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/download/ or do I need to source some
plugins independently?

> > The containers formats I am most interested in encoding Flash Video(flv)
> and
> > MP4 formats? Does gstreamer allow for on-the-fly encoding for MP4? Do I
> need
> > to provide any extra plugins to allow me to acheive this?
> What does "on-the-fly" encoding mean here? MP4 is a fundamentally
> non-streamable format (though you can do playback from a
> 'progressively downloaded' MP4 file if you want) - this is not a
> limitation of GStreamer, but of the file format. GStreamer can encode
> and mux MP4 files, though. You'll need the qtmux plugin which is found
> in gst-plugins-bad.

on-the-fly meaning; re-encode the video streams as they are passing through
the proxy i.e. the source input is a network stream (not file based) and the
output is network based also.

Is it not possible to do this with MP4?  I thought we might be able do,

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