[gst-devel] QtGStreamer moved to git.freedesktop.org

Mauricio Piacentini piacentini at kde.org
Thu Nov 25 13:21:00 CET 2010

Hi. We are happy to announce that QtGStreamer's repository now lives
inside to the main GStreamer tree, at


Bug reporting is already integrated as a GStreamer component in Bugzilla:


We will be monitoring this mailing list as well for questions related to
development of applications that use the Qt bindings.

These moves makes us very happy as they show the growing support of the
community for these bindings, which were started last year by George
Kiagiadakis as a personal project and were previously hosted at
Gitorious.  With this move we are now effectively the "official" Qt
bindings for GStreamer, and welcome the whole Qt/MeeGo/GStreamer
development community to contribute ideas and patches. So feel free to
give it a try and help us improve QtGStreamer: for more information see
(and contribute to) our wiki page at


Best regards,
Mauricio Piacentini and George Kiagiadakis

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