GST_PLUGIN_PATH vs registry.add_path

Stefan Kost ensonic at
Mon Apr 4 13:27:49 PDT 2011


Am 04.04.2011 22:23, schrieb Oleksandr Lavrushchenko:
> Hi all,
> i want to load custom plugins (*.so) placed in $PWD, from python application.
> I'm aware that i can export GST_PLUGIN_PATH variable, from shell and
> then start app, but i prefer to configure this internally
> in app. Google search giving me this exaple in C:
> GstRegistry *registry;
> registry = gst_registry_get_default();
> gst_registry_add_path(registry, directory);
> But my try to reassemble it in python unfortunately fail:
> import gst
> reg=gst.registry_get_default()
> reg.add_path(path,"./");
> Seems, like last call rewrite path completly instead of adding to system path.
> Will be glad to hear an advice on how to do it right way. Thanks.
> _______________________________________________

I was trying to do that a while ago myself too and saw that the api is
completely unimplemented.


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