Help with Gstreamer and RTSP with Axis Camera

Tom Hendrick sdtom182 at
Fri Apr 8 19:12:25 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I am using an Axis 212 PTZ camera with gstreamer.  I am taking that mpeg-4 stream and piping it via a file to a custom rf modem on the transmit side.  On the receiving side I am demodulating the bit stream and piping it to a local file which I would like to play real-time with gstreamer.

As a quick test, I am skipping the rf modem and just trying the following:

Transmitter :
gst-launch rtspsrc location=rtsp:// ! filesink=txcap.ts

I let this run for 20 seconds and control ^C out of it.

gst-launch playbin uri=file://txcap.ts

The problem is that when I run the gst-launch playbin=file://txcap.ts  the video file plays very fast and then closes.  The quality also doesn't look as good as when I use "vlc rtsp://"

I'm a beginner with gstreamer so I'm not sure how to modify the transmit and receive command lines to properly set the frame rate, codec, etc.  Also another problem is that I want to see this live on the receiver, so setting gstreamer to run for a specified amount of time so that the header is written properly will not allow me to see this real-time on the receive side.  Any suggestions?


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