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Matthew Tytel matthewtytel at
Thu Aug 4 02:17:23 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently working on writing a live digital effects program ( for my computer (a digital effects pedal
without the pedal). I currently have everything working with JACK audio, but
there are a few limitations it has. I'm considering GStreamer as a
replacement, and here is what I'm looking for:

- Low Latency (This is a must because I'm already taking a hit by making a *
digital* effects pedal)
- Easy Audio IO (I want to take audio input, run my effects and redirect to
output. I just want a simple call back when the audio buffer is ready and an
easy way to pass off the output)
- Reading/Writing Audio Files. (JACK doesn't do this at all but would really
help me out)
- Eventually I want to have multiple audio inputs possibly through a USB
pre-amp.  Is this possible?

Thanks for your time,
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