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On 08/04/11 11:17, Matthew Tytel wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm currently working on writing a live digital effects program
> ( for my computer (a digital effects
> pedal without the pedal). I currently have everything working with
> JACK audio, but there are a few limitations it has. I'm considering
> GStreamer as a replacement, and here is what I'm looking for:
> - Low Latency (This is a must because I'm already taking a hit by
> making a /digital/ effects pedal)
if you have linear chains (audio-in ! fx1 ! fx2 ! ... ! audio-out) then
you can get good low latency performance by using pull backs operation.
If you have complex graphs using queues and adders (mixing) pull based
pipelines don't work well (fixable though).
> - Easy Audio IO (I want to take audio input, run my effects and
> redirect to output. I just want a simple call back when the audio
> buffer is ready and an easy way to pass off the output)
You should write the effects as gstreamer elements. Have a look at
audiofx plugin in gst-plugins-good

> - Reading/Writing Audio Files. (JACK doesn't do this at all but would
> really help me out)

yes, gst can read/write quite a fair amount of formats, encode/decode,
help you with metadata and so on.

> - Eventually I want to have multiple audio inputs possibly through a
> USB pre-amp.  Is this possible?

Sure, you can use multiple audio-outs and ins at the same time.

> Thanks for your time,
> Matt
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