MXF plugin and MXFLib

Sebastian Dröge sebastian.droege at
Wed Aug 10 02:12:11 PDT 2011

On Tue, 2011-08-09 at 11:01 -0400, Josh Doe wrote:
> I'm interested in making some improvements to the MXF plugin in
> gst-plugins-bad, and so have begun looking through the code and doing
> some research. What was the rationale for implementing everything from
> scratch rather than using the open source MXFLib [0]? I haven't spent
> any time looking at the code of MXFLib, so I don't know how suitable
> it is, but it seems to be a standard-ish library. Of course the MXF
> plugin code (mostly written by Sebastian Dröge) seems to be well
> written and certainly works.

I can't really remember anymore but I've looked at MXFLib and one or two
other MXF libraries before starting the plugin. The main problem with
all (?) of them was, that they only could read from files or that the
integration into GStreamer would be more work than implementing the
parsing manually.

The only part that could be handled by an external library would be
parsing of the MXF data structures and the main work that is required in
the GStreamer plugin is integration with GStreamer.
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