How to detect that current chapter is DVD menu

Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at
Wed Aug 10 22:18:36 PDT 2011

On 08/10/2011 07:15 AM, 4ernov wrote:
>     On 08/09/2011 08:57 AM, 4ernov wrote:
>             Hello,
>             I faced a problem with DVD menu detection. I have a video
>         application
>             based on GStreamer that resizes to fullscreen on no user
>         activity and
>             returns to normal view on mouse click. But in DVD menu there's a
>             problem: the application shouldn't return to normal view
>         when user
>             clicks some item of menu but it returns. I just don't know
>         whether
>             it's DVD menu chapter or normal video chapter.
>             So, the question is: is there any way to know that current
>         chapter is
>             DVD menu or not DVD menu? I.e. a chapter that receives user
>         input or
>             not.
>             Any help is appreciated.
>     I have *no* idea if its possible to detect if you are in a menu.
>     However with that in mind, I would imagine that menu's have short
>     durations and some other pieces (like looping playback) that when
>     loaded you could set a flag in your app. if ( duration < 1
>     minute)... then... etc...
> Thanks for this good suggestions, Nathanael, I thought around this idea.
> But now there's another problem: is it possible to detect looping
> chapter somehow? I think it's most significant detail because duration
> can be quite big (I just found 1:35 menu with some video).

I don't know, I would assume that that type of info (if it exists and is 
readable from gstreamer) would be in a similar place as 'this is a 
menu'. The issue is that I doubt this is a gstreamer piece. This would 
have to be a DVD standard, not a media standard. I just wouldn't know. 
perhaps look at dvd menu creation software to see what it does. For 
example how does a media/DVD player know how to get to the main menu on 
a DVD? find that in vlc, totem etc and you'll likely have your answer. I 
just doubt its part of the media that gstreamer is reading. You likely 
have to look at the dvd via libreadvd etc...

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