AppSrc -> x264enc -> AppSink with unexpected return...

wally_bkg wb666greene at
Fri Aug 12 07:09:41 PDT 2011

Lauraire wrote:
> Anyone about this topic.... I am still looking for a solution... :/
> I must miss something obvious but what...? I receive the signal from
> appsink
> "new-buffer" and call the g_signal_emit_by_name (app->appsink,
> "pull-buffer", gstBuffer, &ret) method that returns an unusable gstBuffer
> :
> it causes a segfault when I try to manipulate it.... data seems to be
> NULL....??
> Any help appreciated!

I'm not really understanding why you'd want to emit a "pull-buffer" signal
back to the app-sink when it receives the "new-buffer" signal.

I just use this pretty much straight from the appsink examples (limited as
they are) to get the data:

and then  push the buffers to my view and recording pipelines:

Seems to work OK but I'm having problems dynamically building my appsink
pipeline (to deal with lame hardware and v4l2 drivers) to force a desired
format at the appsink (so I can manipulate the video image data) where
gst_element_link_filtered() succeeds but the the pipeline errors out with
"internal data error" when run.

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