GST_DEBUG and compileed pipelines

Wes Miller wmiller at
Fri Aug 12 11:20:19 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I've been writing an intercom app in C++ using GStreamer 0-10.28 on Ubuntu
10.04.  I have it setup so that I can launch multiple senders and/or
receivers, each in a separate thread.  

The sender pipe uses analsasrc to capture input from my microphone.

While debugging the termination of the threads and their interaction with
the object destructor, I tried setting the environment var GST_DEBUG to
various levels , 1 to 5.  With level 1 to 3, everything worked as I
expected.  When I used 4 or 5, the whole program crashed informing me that
there was no such thing as alsasrc.  The debug output showed that the
pipeline and loop were successfully created.  But on the next statement: 

    g_assert( (m_microphone     = gst_element_factory_make( "alsasrc",
"microphone"     ))); 

I got the noted error from gstreamer (if the assert ever fired I didn't see

Is this a known limitation?  Bug?



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