Trying to use playbin2 with filesink.

Steve it at
Fri Aug 12 16:30:40 PDT 2011

Hi Mike,

Well thanks for that.  I need to have a think about what to do next.

Regarding your other points:

> you probably don't want to have a filename ending with 'mkv' if
> you're using ogg.

Yeah, I noticed that just after I sent it.  Really I want lossless 
compression (maybe y4menc) and no licence problems.  I'm not really 
clear what muxing is, or if I even need to have it.

> you want "framerate=(fraction)10/1" rather than fps=10.

Ok, thanks.

> the curly-braces are an obsolete part of the gst-launch syntax,
> you shouldn't use them.

It needs to be as near real-time as possible, so I hoped if I ran 
the file storage in a different thread it might speed up the 
camera-to-screen bit.  I have to say I don't notice any difference
Either way, so maybe it's redundent.

Anyway thanks for your help.

If you have any other thoughts about the above I'd like to hear



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