Still can't get videomixer to do live video at full frame rate

wally_bkg wb666greene at
Thu Aug 18 12:46:42 PDT 2011

Tim-Philipp Müller-2 wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-08-17 at 06:48 -0700, wally_bkg wrote:
>> Videomixer2 was the first thing I tried, doesn't exist in the Ubuntu
>> 10.04
>> system: (...)
>> I thought the documentation blurb said videomixer2 will replace
>> videomixer,
>> I'd assumed that had happened by now.
> It has. Maybe you need to upgrade to a newer Ubuntu or try the GStreamer
> PPA for newer GStreamer packages. 10.04 is more than a year old..
> Cheers
>  -Tim

I had another system temporarily available to "clone" for another
application (its the same target system I'm aiming at) so after I cloned it
there was no risk to breaking it.  I installed the lucid PPA gstreamer and
at least its not totally broken now.

However gst-inspect shows no videomixer2 and its also missing ffenc-mpeg4. 
In fact, if you believe the version numbers, the PPA has the same as my
stock system according to gst-inspect videomexer:

  Filename:             /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/
  Version:              0.10.21

I've got the C version of the pipeline running and while it looks good the
overlaid,  timestamps are skewed (initially by about a field (18
milliseconds) and it varies throughout the run.  I use ffenc-mpeg4 to save
the combined frames so I can detect dropped frames and check skew by reading
the barcode on the test video.

We can live with a constant skew between the frames (although its
sub-optimal to have it) and we can live with a few dropped frames as long a
the same frames are dropped in each camera.  This doesnot seem to be

The target systems are not setup to build the code.  Am I correct in
assuming that an upgrade to the gstreamer libraries should not require a
rebuild of code that uses them? (ignoring the missing pieces for now).

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