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Jérémy Lauraire jeremy.lauraire at
Fri Aug 19 07:13:47 PDT 2011


I've solved my problem with the basic encoder which is based on the pipeline
: AppSrc -> x264enc -> AppSink

But now I try to decode and play this video with another application based
on this pipeline : AppSrc -> vdpauh264dec -> vdpauvideopostprocess ->
vdpausink (which works with an MPEG2 stream). The purpose is to do an
application that does VDPAU acceleration for decoding those 2 codecs.

In the particular case of the h264 stream I obtain no display. It seems that
the decoder doesn't do its job. I print part of the GST_DEBUG log :

0:00:04.492899441  8629      0x1c2d570 DEBUG       basevideodecoder
gstbasevideodecoder.c:567:gst_base_video_decoder_drain: *no sync, scanning
*0:00:04.492909724  8629      0x1c2d570 DEBUG       basevideodecoder
gstbasevideodecoder.c:587:gst_base_video_decoder_drain: *found possible sync
after 0 bytes (of 3)
*0:00:04.492918819  8629      0x1c2d570 DEBUG          *
start_code: 1

No error and no warning.....? I don't understand what is going wrong. Any
idea? Thanks in advance!
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