[GST-DEVEL]playbin2 streaming while downloading file on disk

Wesley J. Miller WMiller at sdr.com
Mon Aug 22 10:30:36 PDT 2011

On 8/22/11 11:08 AM, "laguillaumie sylvain" <s.lagui at free.fr> wrote:

>hi all
>is it possible to stream a file from disk (file:///....) while
>downloading and have the duration updated too ?

If I read this correctly, you are simultaneously downloading and playing
the same one file.  And it sounds like you're able to play faster than you
can download.

The obvious answer is, of course, you  have to download faster or, wait to
start playing till you enough file that you can't out run yourself.

I suppose you could pause on a single (the last) frame and keep
retransmitting it until more data is available.  You'd have something to
look at while you are stalled. I've never tried this so I have no idea if
it is possible.  Perhaps, tee our data into your play element and into a
appsink and have the appsink remember the last couple of frames.   When
the data paused, the appsionk could signal a separate pipeline to play the
saved frame in a loop using an appsrc?  This sounds WAY not trivial.

 Would the duration really matter?  If you know the full duration up
front, it doesn't need updated.  If you only have the current segment's
duration and you are waiting on more data, the duration is meaningless
until the data arrives, right?

>i can start reading but it play 9 seconds for exemple, i try to update
>the file duration but seems not working and reading stop after 9

Wes Miller


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