Linking xvimagesink to a gtk window.

akaChella durgas1987 at
Tue Aug 23 10:14:49 PDT 2011

Hi all, 

I have created a window using gtk and linked the xvimagesink to that window.

Able to play the Video but i am facing problem when i am trying to hide that

1. I have constructed the pipeline to play the video.
2. During construction i have created the container window and a video
window (drawing area) but did not show it. Used, gtk_widget_hide(window);
3. I wanted the window widget to be shown only when the play command is
issued i.e, only when the pipeline is set to GST_PLAYING. 
4. When the bus handler receives the EOS (End of Stream), i gave
gtk_widget_hide(window); But the black window is displayed. It is not

Is there anything i am missing. 

Note: I have not used gtk_main() function. I have just called the
gtk_init(NULL,NULL); and then created a window. 

Requirement: Want to create the window everytime i get a play command and
want to hide / destroy that window when received a stop command or it
reaches EOS.

Need your help. I am new to gstreamer as well as gtk :(

Thanks in advance. 

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