Linking xvimagesink to a gtk window.

akaChella durgas1987 at
Wed Aug 24 09:57:13 PDT 2011

Thanks all for your replies.

Yeah, today i went through few samples of gtk and came to know that
gtk_main() acts as an infinite loop and listens to all the events. 

But, i have an application which constructs the pipeline once and that
application then sends - play, pause and stop commands in a random basis. At
the end, it destroys the pipeline and deinitializes the gstreamer.

But i have a doubt here:

1. If gtk_main() functions listens to all the events, then it is not suppose
to show the widget right?? How come it is showing the window and why not it
is hiding it? I am able to see the video being played and after it reaches
the End of stream, the pipeline is set to GST_STATE_NULL and i am giving
gtk_widget_hide(), but the window is not hidden!!

2. If had to call the gtk_main() where in my application should i include
the function call ?? Because from wherever i call this function, the control
does not returns back. 

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