appsrc->avimux->appsink - very slow

Stefan Kost ensonic at
Thu Aug 25 16:39:24 PDT 2011

On 08/25/11 23:28, Nicholas Butts wrote:
> I'm trying to mux an MPEG4-ES stream with an uncompressed audio stream
> into an avimux filter and then to an appsink. I have this working on
> Ubuntu 10.04. Now I am moving to an ARM based embedded system and this
> is REALLY slow. It takes on-average 12.7 ms to performing the muxing.
> This seems extremely slow to me. Has anyone else attempted this? Is
> there a way to disable all of the threading and make a single threaded
> application?
Even if you could disable the threading, I doubt that this would be the
source of the slowness. Check that you don't copy data where it can be
avoided. Also using appsrc and appsink would make me think that your
design isn't that good.


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